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Meet the Streamwalker Stream Team

Our Stream Team members are the super rad folks that help spread the Streamwalker love and grow the brand organically just as it has from the start. They are adventurers, musicians, followers of dreams, lovers of life , and hardcore fly fishers. 

Chuck Ragan

Fishing guide, father, husband, songwriter and musician, Chuck Ragan lives and breathes the blessings of family and the outdoors around him.  While calling Grass Valley, CA. home, Ragan focuses his efforts on Northern California rivers, lakes and reservoirs as well as the California Delta.  Targeting Striper, largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass as well as resident trout and migratory Central Valley Steelhead, Ragan enjoys working hard and tailoring each clients experience to give them the best possible day on the water.  Aside from working as an independent guide, Ragan is involved with the non profit organization, Cast Hope where he along with other guides offer free fishing and camping trips to underserved children and their mentors.  Always positive and eager to share the outdoors, Ragan believes that by igniting passion in youth for the waters and wildlife that surround them will in turn enrich their life, teach the independence and confidence needed to give them a reason to enjoy and protect it for the next generation.

Malorie Crispo

Residing in a small community just before the Canso Causeway to Cape Breton, Malorie is a self-proclaimed ambassador of her home province, Nova Scotia. She spends most of her free time adventuring with her Golden Retriever, Zoey. You can find her snowshoeing, skating and tying flies in the winter off-season from November until the end of March. When fishing season starts in April, she's on the water as much as possible until the season closes again at the end of October. Trout fishing is her main focus. Sea run Brook Trout being her favourite and, coincidentally, Nova Scotia's provincial fish. Sea run Brown Trout and Atlantic Salmon are also high up on her favourites list. Occasionally trying her luck with Striped Bass. 


With a genuine respect for nature and having conservation-based morals, fly fishing has been the perfect release all while meshing her preexisting loves and hobbies into her ideal lifestyle."

Justin Powell

Hailing from Georgia, with roots in the west coast of Florida and North Carolina, Justin has over 20 years of fly-fishing experience in both fresh and salt water. Originally from Destin, Florida, Justin learned to fly-fish in salt for redfish and speckled sea trout, but later found a deep passion for freshwater trout and steelhead. He has fished in many of the country’s premiere steelhead streams, from the east’s beloved Great Lakes tributaries to the famed steelhead streams of the west. Justin is not only a die-hard fly fisherman he also is a very successful musician. He has been on numerous records, and tours, including a run with the Indigo Girls in 07.  In his current position with the band Simplified, he adds a whole new element to bands sound with his bass lines - and they are worth a listen.  Some of his music is making its way into mainstream music, television, and now fly-fishing videos. Justin released his short film “StoneFLY: The Spiritual Journey of a Fly Fisherman” in 2016, which launched his place in the fly-fishing industry. He prides himself on passing his love of fly-fishing on to the next generation, as well as those in need of what he calls "a spiritual connection." Justin has also made his love of Streamwalker nets a family affair, spending time with his wife and daughter on the streams of north Georgia and North Carolina, and most recently, bringing Streamwalker into the Orvis Atlanta store he manages. His favorite net is the Guider Net, which he has been featured with his family in numerous fly-fishing publications.


Jessie Hollenbeck

Growing up in New York's North Country, Jessie has never been far from some very special fisheries.  Now living just a short drive from StreamWalker Nets headquarters, he enjoys fishing and tying flies with his wife Stacy and daughter Emma.  After cutting his teeth in fly fishing as a trout bum on western New York's Blue Ribbon Trout Streams, Hollenbeck began guiding the region's Lake Ontario tributaries targeting its world-class brown trout and steelhead.  When mayflies hit the surface, Jessie shares his passion for tricking wild inland trout with his customers across New York state.


Jessie has coordinated a number of youth camps and is passionate about families sharing the experience together.  He volunteers for his local chapter of Trout Unlimited and is active in fundraising events and fishery projects.  He speaks regularly at conferences and works with conservation agencies to advocate for New York's fisheries.  


Steve Bechard

Steve grew up Upstate New York, fishing for trout, salmon and carp. He now calls the waters of eastern Long Island home, chasing stripers, bluefish and false albacore. His true passion is sight fishing for any species that cruise the flats. Steve is a casting instructor who has competed in the Fly Fishing Masters(’03, ’04, ’06) and in ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games( ’04). In the past few years, Steve was the 2009 Montauk Redbone tournament Grand Champion Angler(guided by Capt. Paul Dixon) and was awarded “most striped bass released” in the 2010 Manhattan Cup (guided by Capt.Brian Goulart). Steve is the President and co-founder of Rise Fishing Co.


Koby Fulks

Raised in the mountains of Colorado and the beaches of Hawaii Koby Fulks is a former US Marine turned professional outdoorsman.  Koby turned his knowledge of the outdoors into a profession and has been in the outdoor industry for the past 22 years.  With backgrounds in products and marketing Koby was featured on the Under Armour Ridge Reaper hunting TV show on the outdoor channel.  When Koby was not behind the camera chasing elk and deer on the show he was found with a Rise Fishing Co. fly rod in hand and Streamwalker net in his pack. Living the life of an outdoorsman everywhere he traveled.  Koby has a passion for western US trout species and spends most of his time figuring out how to get back to the mountains. @Ridgereaper23

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