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Streamwalker Nets® began in half of a two car garage with the goal of creating a tough, lightweight, and exquisitely handcrafted landing net. 


Growing up surrounded by builders and makers of all sorts I developed a great appreciation for handmade goods. I watched closely as they tooled the leather or made a knife, milled the timber or built a boat. From each of them I gained knowledge and skills that gave me the opportunity to create fine handmade products. 

I love to think of all the adventures that people have with a Streamwalker Net on their pack. I think of the miles of hiking, views that steal your breath, the sound a stream makes as it rushes past your legs, the excitement of seeing a dry fly sipped off the surface and how, in a way, I am a part of it. I believe there is no reason that your tools can't be as beautiful as the moments you use them. 

Tight lines and full nets,



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