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The Dredge Euro-Nymph fly rod series is the newest addition to our arsenal at Rise Fishing.  Whether you’ve been fishing for years or a beginner in fly fishing, if you want to catch more trout adding a rod designed for European Style Nymphing to your quiver is a must.

Dredge Euro-Nymph Series

  • Every Dredge Series rod comes with our lifetime warranty and a hard Cordura tube with dividers for easy storage and transportation.  


    • Sections: 4- Piece

    • Lightweight Snake Guides

    • Fighting butt

    • Rod tube included

    The Dredge Series 10’ 3 wt is our first Euro Nymphing rod. European and Czech Nymphing is becoming more and more popular each year. Its effectiveness is deadly bringing the technique to instant popularity. When designing the Dredge Series we dove into the tactical nymph world and realized there is way too much breakage. Most due to the way you fish. It’s a long rod and high sticking is common. We knew we had to make a rod tough yet sensitive. Also, in listening to our customers they wanted a rod that they could throw a floating line on and still have it cast well. Of course in keeping with the Rise Fishing tradition, we had to make it all for a great price.

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